C-40 is a global network of  nearly 100 mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis. In 2018, C-40 launched a design competition entitled “Reinventing Cities” that sought pioneering models of public-private collaboration for carbon-neutral development. Hamlin Ventures in partnership with architect Monica Chadha of Civic Projects prepared a submission for the redevelopment of Pershing Square in Chicago, a 1 million square foot post-industrial building complex in Chicago. The primary assertion of our proposal is that public retrofitting of post-industrial buildings is the most environmentally and economically sustainable approach a city can take to its vacant industrial space. Our proposal for City Hub, included 424,256 square feet (40%) mixed-income residential use and 663,861 (60%) commercial, modern industrial and education uses. Prospective tenants represented a cross section of non-profit and for-profit tenants with a particular emphasis on the science, health, and the business of athletics as a theme. The proposal was selected as a one of two finalists before the city of Chicago decided not to proceed.

Location:          Chicago, Illinois

Completed:      2018-2019

Client:               C-40 Reinventing Cities Competition

Architect:         Civic Projects

Website:           www.c40.org