“The planning of buildings, city blocks and public spaces determines how individuals, businesses, governments, civic organizations, and neighbors come together and encourages them to interact as a community.”  

Hamlin Ventures is a New York City certified Women-owned (WBE) real estate development company and civic consulting studio that is known for its thoughtful, design-based engagement with community through built form.  Founded in 1998, we create buildings and incubate ideas that enhance people’s lives and contribute to the city at large.

Our unique civic approach to real estate development and urban consulting reflects the broad spectrum of business, cultural and educational involvements of our founder and President, Abby Hamlin.  Trained as an urban planner, Ms. Hamlin guides every Hamlin Ventures project with a combination of visual acuity, social insight and financial discipline.  Her involvement ensures that each project emerges from an iterative process through which bold ideas are encouraged, artistic vision is cultivated, community input is sought and rigorous financial analysis is applied. The results speak for themselves.  Our projects consistently earn community support and win design awards, while at the same time delivering stellar returns to our investors.

By defining Hamlin Ventures’ success as the simultaneous achievement of design excellence, urban engagement and business reward, we set our sights high.  Doing so yields work that is distinguished, creates community and generates positive urban change.

Our Involvements

Hamlin Ventures is devoted to exploring the urban public realm through four types of involvements:

Real Estate Development

We develop properties primarily in New York City.  We do so for our own account in partnership with investors.


We consult to not-for-profit organizations, cities and universities on issues of design, public space, planning and development.  We also initiate research about design, housing affordability and other urban challenges.


We devise and curate public art and design installations, and conceive symposia and events that prompt dialogue about spatial and social ideas.


We participate in competitive design and development proposals, in particular competitions for housing and open space.  Ms. Hamlin is also a sought after consultant and juror for design competitions.