Blockparty was an exhibition that brought the work of 42 designers and 25 artists, all Brooklyn-based, under one domestic roof. Installed in 267A State Street, the exhibition and related symposia served as a catalyst for conversation and contemplation about how we live today. As described in the show’s curatorial statement, “From the start I set out to make 14 Townhouses a project immersed in thinking about cities, architecture and the way we live today.  Blockparty is the natural evolution of that creative process, another way to delve into our notions of home, style, and identity.” Over 4,000 guests from around the world visited the show during its four-month run.

Location:        267A State Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Completed:    2007

Curators:       Elizabeth Akkerman, Jennifer Carpenter, Jonathan Marvel, Abby Hamlin