Bakehouse Arts is a highly regarded Miami arts organization that currently provides affordable studio space for artists in a former bread factory.  In 2019, Bakehouse approached Hamlin Ventures with a larger vision, “to address the need for affordable living, live-work, and workspaces for artists in Miami’s urban core with a new, community-embedded cultural campus.”  As owner of 2.5 acres of land in the vibrant Wynwood Norte neighborhood, Bakehouse wanted to become an anchor institution for Miami artists and the local community.  Since then, Hamlin Ventures has worked with Bakehouse to create a financially viable development program, rezone the site and evaluate options for project implementation.  Michael Maltzan Architects has been engaged to design a master plan for the project that will include renovation of the historic Bakehouse building and new construction of 300-400 mixed income housing units as well as 30,000 square feet of additional cultural space.   Hamlin Ventures is advising Bakehouse on the selection of a local joint venture partner and will help the non-profit negotiate a joint venture agreement to implement its campus plan.

Location:         Wynwood Norte, Miami

Completion:    TBD

Client:              Bakehouse Arts Complex

Architect:        Michael Maltzan Architects